We joined Packnet, the Spanish Packaging Technology Platform.

A non-profit association, under the National Science and Technology Strategy and the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation.

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march 21st

DAG (Galicia), AGA (Asturias), DIEX (Extremadura) and Cuenca Diseño join READ and AAD (Andalucía) takes over the presidency.

At the Annual General Assembly held in Madrid hosted by Dimad, the rotation of positions took place, passing the responsibility to Andalucía, with Juan Aguilar taking over the presidency. The network is significantly strengthened by the doubling of the number of associations that make up the organization: we are now ten organizations!

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february 26th

Workshop “Design and R&D”

In collaboration with the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) and Surgenia (Andalusian Technological Center of Design) and other entities. A day whose objective is to bring the industrial sector and design professionals closer together, to promote greater collaboration between the two and the synergies between R&D and Design, to develop more innovative products, processes and services, closer to the end user and the market and with greater economic and social impact.

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