READ Design Code of Ethics approved


FSWD/ Identity and Territory travels to different cities of the peninsula

Throughout 2022, the exhibition has been present in Santiago de Compostela, Aveiro, Murcia, Valencia and Badajoz.

july 19th


After meeting us during the Annual General Assembly held in Soria, ‘Diseño de la Meseta’ joins READ.

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We welcome this new association that represents such a geographically wide area of Spain, including urban and rural areas; an association born to create a network, which shows that our work continues to bear fruit and that every day there are more of us who strive to improve the profession.

march 11th

Unanimous approval of the Code of Ethics of Design READ

This was subsequently materialized with the publication of the document, available to everyone in Spanish, English, Galician, Catalan, Basque and Valencian.

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You can read the Ethics Code in English here.


Galicia (DAG) assumes the presidency and we inaugurate the traveling exhibition FSWD

december 23rd

Agreement with XERA, Xunta de Galicia

READ and the Xunta de Galicia, through the Galician Forest Industry Agency (XERA), signed an agreement linked to the FSWD/Identity and Territory exhibition with the dual purpose of incorporating design in companies as a transformative element and the dissemination of Galician wood as an element for design.

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June 18th

Di_Ca joins READ

The members of the Association of Professionals and Design Companies of the Canary Islands unanimously approved at an extraordinary meeting to formalize their membership READ, after years working with her. With this new addition become 12 associations that are part of READ.

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june 15th

‘Pact for Design’ presentation

Six organizations of the Spanish design ecosystem (READ; FAD, Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño; BcD, Barcelona Centro de Diseño; FMRE, Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas; CADI, Centro Aragonés de Diseño Industrial and València Capital Mundial del Diseño 2022) promote a “Design Pact” with the aim of achieving greater cohesion in the implementation of a “National Design Strategy” that gives design a strategic role in the economic, social and environmental transformation that our country is demanding.

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march 13th

DAG (Galicia) assumes the presidency of READ

The Galician Design Association (DAG) assumes the presidency of READ in the Annual General Assembly held, for the first time, online. As stipulated in its statutes, the presidency rotates every two years. Thus, the new mandate for 2021 and 2022 corresponds to DAG, represented by Uqui Permui. The vice-presidency is assumed by Cuenca Diseña, represented by Juan Lázaro; the second vice-presidency, ADCV, represented by Vicente Gallega; the secretariat is assumed by EIDE, represented by Benicio Aguerrea; and the treasury is assumed by La Exprimidora, represented by Cristina Cavaller.

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Introducing FSWD with a book on Spanish design

september 17th

Presentation at the 8ENAD of the From Spain With Design project for the international promotion of Spanish design

The aim is to promote creativity and design as the cornerstones of economic and social development and to disseminate nationally and internationally what Spanish design is, what its professionals are like and what its hallmarks are.

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From Spain With Design

september 14th

Signing of the collaboration agreement between València World Design Capital 2022 and READ


We publish Does the image of Spain reflect what we design? edited by Experimenta

A 178-page book, in Spanish and English, which brings together experts from different areas in order to reflect on issues related to the FSWD project and thus create a corpus of critical mass that allows us to approach a starting point and reflect the current panorama of Spanish design and its openness to the world, as seen by the actors of the sector themselves.

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La Exprimidora is integrated into READ

La Exprimidora, Association of Designers and creatives of Castellón, formalizes its entry in READ in early June. Founded in 2011 is a platform for the promotion and dissemination of the value of design in the social, cultural and business of the province of Castellón formed by professionals from different fields related to design and creativity.

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may 28th

First meeting of La Multilateral del Diseño

Six organizations of the Spanish design ecosystem (READ, Spanish Network of Design Associations; FAD, Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño; BcD, Barcelona Design Center; FMRE, Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands; CADI, Centro Aragonés de Diseño Industrial and València World Design Capital 2022), organized a working group to assess the situation of the sector and study the necessary lines for a Design Strategy.

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April 24th

FSWD Webinar “Designing for the World to Come” during the lock-in by COVID19

An open dialogue to think about the future with some of the best national and international design professionals, with the participation of Xènia Viladás, Miguel Zorraquino and Anxo López.

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Dip (Murcia) takes over the presidency of READ

august 7th

READ, invited by President Pedro Sánchez together with 22 business agents

Teresa Jular, president of READ, attends the meeting convened by President Pedro Sánchez and Minister Reyes Maroto, with the presence of a score of major business associations of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Jular takes the floor to briefly present “this unknown sector that can not be ignored”.

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march 29th

Dip (Murcia) takes over the presidency of READ

The Association of Design Professionals and Advertising Communication of the Region of Murcia assumes the presidency at the Annual General Assembly held at the IED Innovation Lab Madrid. The new mandate for 2019 and 2020 corresponds to DIP, represented by Teresa Jular.

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january 18th

We collaborate in the “Ecosystem and Map of Design in Spain” project

A project of the Subdirectorate General for Coordination and Institutional Relations of the Secretary of State for Universities, Research, Development and Innovation, a second iteration is planned for which a much more detailed and complete data collection is planned and the information collected will be dumped on an online platform open to consultation: ecosistemadeldiseño.es

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Collaboration on the NLP for a National Design Strategy

June 7th

We attended our first assembly of BEDA

A year after READ joined BEDA, for the first time is present at this General Assembly and also participates in the Design Forum through our delegate, Kike Correcher.

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may 2nd

España Diseña: 25 editions of the National Design Awards

We collaborated with DIMAD and BcD in this exhibition organized by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness to commemorate the first 25 editions of the National Design Awards, a unique opportunity to review the successful history of Spanish design.

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january 12th

We collaborated in the organization of the Parliamentary Conference “Spanish Design in the 21st Century: Challenges and Strategies” held in Congress.

The session follows a Non-legislative proposal for the development of a National Design Strategy that was subsequently approved by all political parties.

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ADCV takes over the presidency and we join BEDA

july 22nd

We join BEDA, we are BEDA

We joined The Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) to contribute to European design from our network, member associations and associated designers.

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April 17th

We present the ‘Ethical Decalogue for Design Practice’.

Through the WG Code of Ethics, after its analysis by the Board of Directors, we provided ourselves with ethical foundations for the practice of design, taking into account the recommendations of Ico-D, ICSID and IFI.

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february 16th

ADCV (Valencia) takes over the presidency of READ

During the Annual General Assembly held at Central de Diseño (Matadero) and with 36 delegates representing the ten organizations member, of which 22 attended in person. In this assembly the “Strategic Plan 2017/18” for the next two years is presented. The new mandate for 2017 and 2018 corresponds to ADCV, represented by Vicente Gallega.

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Transferencias Design, a project by READ + CEA, is born

march 3rd & 4th

The first edition of Transferencias.design is held

A program created by READ and the Confederation of Art Schools (CEA), in collaboration with Telefónica I+D and La Térmica-Diputación de Málaga. It had its origin in the National Meetings of Design Associations, specifically, in the 3ENAD, held in Malaga in June 2015.

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We continue adding new regions and Andalucía takes over the presidency


We joined Packnet, the Spanish Packaging Technology Platform.

A non-profit association, under the National Science and Technology Strategy and the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation.

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march 21st

DAG (Galicia), AGA (Asturias), DIEX (Extremadura) and Cuenca Diseño join READ and AAD (Andalucía) takes over the presidency.

At the Annual General Assembly held in Madrid hosted by Dimad, the rotation of positions took place, passing the responsibility to Andalucía, with Juan Aguilar taking over the presidency. The network is significantly strengthened by the doubling of the number of associations that make up the organization: we are now ten organizations!

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february 26th

Workshop “Design and R&D”

In collaboration with the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) and Surgenia (Andalusian Technological Center of Design) and other entities. A day whose objective is to bring the industrial sector and design professionals closer together, to promote greater collaboration between the two and the synergies between R&D and Design, to develop more innovative products, processes and services, closer to the end user and the market and with greater economic and social impact.

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The Sorian association DIS joins READ


Agreement with Telefónica I+D

After an intensive process initiated in 2013, we signed a framework collaboration agreement with Telefónica I+D and the specialized R&D company of the Telefónica Group to cooperate on joint projects and initiatives and to exchange knowledge and research in the field of design, both digital and product and services. The agreement constituted an asset to develop different programs around innovation and design.

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february 14th

Dis, Association of Graphic Designers of Soria, integrated in READ

READ’s Annual General Assembly is held at the Feria del Hábitat in Valencia hosted by ADCV. We welcome a new association and its representative, Jesús Ángel Alonso.


Dimad assumes the second presidency

june 27 & 28th

First ENAD, at the Central del Diseño, Matadero, Madrid

Although the READ Design Forum had already been held in 2011, it was at this point that the ENADs began to be held annually, which will coincide with the place where the presidency is assumed.

Ref: Photo Album 1ENAD  https://www.flickr.com/photos/designread/albums/72157661019404689
Link (in Spanish): https://www.designread.es/primer-encuentro-nacional-de-asociaciones-de-diseno/

march 12th

Dimad (Madrid) assumes READ’s presidency

The positions of the Board of Directors are rotated in the assembly held in Madrid, with Dimad as host, giving appointment to the delegates of the five associations that are part of READ, including ADCV that participates via videoconference. The new mandate for 2013 and 2014 corresponds to Dimad, represented by Gelo Álvarez.
Ref. (in Spanish): https://www.designread.es/asamblea-general-ordinaria-de-read-en-madrid/


We co-created the READ brand


READ logo co-designed

It was designed collaboratively by David Abajo (EIDE, Basque Country), Daniel Caballero (DIP, Region of Murcia), David Pérez Medina (DIMAD, Madrid) and Fernando Sánchez (AAD, Andalusia), with the collaboration of Oyer Corazón as coordinator and rapporteur, and the assistance of Gelo Álvarez and Juan Francisco Abad.

Ref. (in Spanish): https://www.designread.es/proyectos/logotipo-read-cocreado/


We organized the first READ Forum

december 16 & 17

READ Forum

Predecessor of the National Design Meetings, it sets the basis for the future of READ. Its objectives are to contribute to addressing the main challenges of the sector: the dissemination of design and its role in the economic, social and cultural development of the country, as well as the creation of a national and international brand.


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Foro READ Bilbao 2011 Photos


READ is born with EIDE at the helm

november 12TH

EIDE (Euskadi) assumes the presidency of READ

The first board of directors is composed of Juan Aguilar (AAD), Ignacio Gómez-Trenor (ADCV), Javier Fernández (DIMAD), Juan Francisco Abad (DIP) and Carlos San José (EIDE), who was the first president of READ up to 2012.

12 noviembre

READ is born!

In Murcia, the organization is formed by five associations: AAD, ADCV, DIMAD, DIP and EIDE who draw up the founding act and sign the statutes.

Ref. (in Spanish):