Services to member associations

  • READ informs in advance of the opportunities that arise from the institutions and companies with which it maintains agreements and cooperative relationships.
  • The member associations have the right to use READ platforms on the Internet to make themselves visible and disseminate their activities nationwide.
  • READ facilitates the research of resources for its members to actively participate in projects and activities that supports, promotes and organizes.
  • READ distributes the economic benefits of funding that are associated with the projects it supports, promotes and organizes.
  • READ makes available to the member associations all the information and contacts it has for the autonomous organization of training sessions, lectures, exhibitions, publications and other activities in favor of design.

Representation and advocacy of the sector

  • The existence of READ allows the collaborative elaboration of a very rich discourse on Spanish design and designers, as it is multisectoral, decentralized and widely agreed. We are around 1,000 designers represented by the thirteen member associations to date.
  • READ is determined to make the voice of its members heard, both nationally and at European and international level.
  • READ works to disseminate the importance of good practice in professional commissioning requests for designers and the recommendations made by international bodies such as Icograda, ICSID and IFI/IDA.

Design Culture

  • READ strongly supports training and research activities. Members will find in READ a meeting place, an open and plural community, with creatives willing to cooperate and evolve.
  • One of the main tasks of all members of READ in their respective territories is to raise awareness in society about the importance of design and designers to help solve the challenges of our society today. READ collects this intention to, within its possibilities, amplify it and make it reach the decision-making spheres.