The concerned association must adopt a resolution in its own General Assembly to apply for READ membership.


Send to info@designread.es the following documentation

  • Certification. Adopted by the assembly the agreement to belong to READ, the association's secretary must issue a certification with the content of the same, that is to say, he/she issues both the agreement to request the incorporation to READ and the number of delegates that it will have and the designation of the person who will represent the association in the Board of Directors.
  • Bylaws of the applicant association.
  • Letter, dated and signed, requesting incorporation and providing contact information.


Once the documentation is received and examined by the Board of Directors of READ, if it is correct and complete, this organ adopts the agreement of admission of the application. This agreement is subsequently ratified by the READ General Assembly.


Upon receipt of the communication of its admission, the association in question will designate its representative on the Board of Directors of READ. In addition, each association will have a delegate for every 50 members (or fraction thereof) in the assemblies.