From the READ community, aware of the challenges that lie ahead and the important contribution that can / should be made from design, we open a space for collaboration to explore the possibilities that arise through design, as it has the ability to create, innovate and provide cross-cutting, sustainable, inclusive, egalitarian and high economic, social and environmental impact solutions.

We want to open a space for collaborative, real, innovative and transformational work that allows research and development of those problems that are not being addressed by design with methodologies and tools, either because they are specific, novel, transversal or marginal.

We will generate an open space for collaboration with the productive network, public institutions and third sector organizations to work together on their problems from the design methodology, by providing:

1. The national design ecosystem:

READ brings together a large number of design professionals from all over the country, connected and experienced in collaborative work and networking.

We are part of the economic and cultural system, from where we can contribute with different visions.

Our network of professionals is composed of profiles from different sectors, open to work in multidisciplinary groups.

READ is organized through working groups that develop their activity almost autonomously, directed and coordinated horizontally.

2. Professional network

We are an organization of working professionals and companies, students and people who study and research about design, who develop their work on a daily basis with the main institutions and companies in the country. 

3. A real production environment

Design begins when it is necessary and there is an assignment as a result of a professional agreement between client and designers. That is why from READ we open this way of collaboration and rapprochement with companies and institutions so we can be more effective working together.

Fully aware of the importance of the client in the development of good design, we consider this gathering as fundamental. In READ you can find professionals and we open this space to national companies so they can connect and improve through READ’s ecosystem.

In conclusion, we offer a space in which to develop:

  • Open and transversal innovation processes
  • Collaborative network processes
  • Research and prototyping processes in real environments
  • Dissemination and communication of events through our networks