FSWD/ Identity and Territory travels to different cities of the peninsula

Throughout 2022, the exhibition has been present in Santiago de Compostela, Aveiro, Murcia, Valencia and Badajoz.

july 19th


After meeting us during the Annual General Assembly held in Soria, ‘Diseño de la Meseta’ joins READ.

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We welcome this new association that represents such a geographically wide area of Spain, including urban and rural areas; an association born to create a network, which shows that our work continues to bear fruit and that every day there are more of us who strive to improve the profession.

march 11th

Unanimous approval of the Code of Ethics of Design READ

This was subsequently materialized with the publication of the document, available to everyone in Spanish, English, Galician, Catalan, Basque and Valencian.

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You can read the Ethics Code in English here.