june 27 & 28th

First ENAD, at the Central del Diseño, Matadero, Madrid

Although the READ Design Forum had already been held in 2011, it was at this point that the ENADs began to be held annually, which will coincide with the place where the presidency is assumed.

Ref: Photo Album 1ENAD  https://www.flickr.com/photos/designread/albums/72157661019404689
Link (in Spanish): https://www.designread.es/primer-encuentro-nacional-de-asociaciones-de-diseno/

march 12th

Dimad (Madrid) assumes READ’s presidency

The positions of the Board of Directors are rotated in the assembly held in Madrid, with Dimad as host, giving appointment to the delegates of the five associations that are part of READ, including ADCV that participates via videoconference. The new mandate for 2013 and 2014 corresponds to Dimad, represented by Gelo Álvarez.
Ref. (in Spanish): https://www.designread.es/asamblea-general-ordinaria-de-read-en-madrid/