july 22nd

We join BEDA, we are BEDA

We joined The Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) to contribute to European design from our network, member associations and associated designers.

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April 17th

We present the ‘Ethical Decalogue for Design Practice’.

Through the WG Code of Ethics, after its analysis by the Board of Directors, we provided ourselves with ethical foundations for the practice of design, taking into account the recommendations of Ico-D, ICSID and IFI.

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february 16th

ADCV (Valencia) takes over the presidency of READ

During the Annual General Assembly held at Central de Diseño (Matadero) and with 36 delegates representing the ten organizations member, of which 22 attended in person. In this assembly the “Strategic Plan 2017/18” for the next two years is presented. The new mandate for 2017 and 2018 corresponds to ADCV, represented by Vicente Gallega.

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